Teaching Practice


Procedures of teaching

The table below was how I planned my procedure of teaching. I made it in a table because that was how my teacher gave the example of arranging the teaching procedures. I would use students’ centred learning so I considered my activity related to what the students like. The class that I would teach the next day was really talented in singing and dancing. Therefore, I wanted to make my lesson more internalized in their mind so that they could be more active, and get better understanding.


Teacher’s Activity

Students’ Activity



Warm Up Do the chicken dance Do the Chicken Dance Video 3 minutes
Presentation Explain and give example Listen, take a note, and discussion Video 10 minutes
Competition Divide the students into four groups Each group (onomatopoeia) identifies anaphora and epiphora in songs Video lyrics 15 minutes
Production Supervise the students Each group makes songs consisting anaphora and epiphora then performs it in front of the class. Paper 25 minutes
Closing Review and give assignment 7 minutes

Then, I consulted it to my teacher and she agreed to what I would be going to do for the teaching practice.


I was afraid that the students could not make the songs on time, so I would tell them to make the song with not too much lyrics and the important thing is as long as it contained the anaphora and epiphora. The first class of grade 9 was able to do it on time and they looked so fun performing the song in front of the class. They were also able to identify the anaphora and epiphora. However, I knew that each class has different characteristics. The next class of grade 9 was hard to make it on time although they had fun dancing. The students’ focus at that time was really distracted by another assignment. I tried to get their attention and in the end, they were still not able to make the songs. Because of this, I only did more competitions for the groups and gave more explanation to them.

Classroom management

For this teaching plan, I had a pretty good management of the classroom. It was because I could give them clear instruction and was a little bit strict.

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