Day 13 – Eya’s Birthday Party!

img20180827134443.jpg26th of August is Eya’s birthday. Eya was Ma’am Emmie’s niece. We were told that she was the most popular kid among ISAT people. Well, we could not deny that she was really cute and smart. That day, she celebrated her 6 years. It was exactly the same as  national heroes day in Philippines.

The night before the party, Wilai and I had gone to SM to buy a doll for Eya. We hoped that she would like it. Eya lived together with her grandmother, which meant Ma’am Emmie’s mother. So, the next day, we went to her house at 1 pm. We were picked up by Ma’am Emmie. After we arrived there, we saw a lot of English books. Shoot! Ma’am Emmie’s mother was also an English teacher!

We went inside the house and were served ice candy and many Filipino foods. They were all so tasty. The house was also really comfortable for a family. Then, we also met the birthday girl. She wore a moana attire. She liked Moana so the concept of her birthday was moana. She looked beautiful and cute at the same time. She was not shy around us so we played along with her.

Finally, her friends came and the party started. First, they sang a happy birthday song to Eya. Eya blew the candle and then, we could eat the foods. Ma’am Emmie’s mother cooked a chicken soup for us too and it was so delicious. Eya also cut the cake and distributed it. The children played some games and the winner got a present.



The party ended when the presents were given to them all. We also went home and were told that, “It was a Filipino tradition that after a party, you must bring some foods home” so we were given lots of food and shared them with our dorm mates.

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