Day 28 – Assalamu’alaikum Indonesia, We’re Back!


“This is my last night with you… give me a memory I can use…” – All I Ask by Adele

I remembered when the song was played inside the car on the way to the dorm, we were all crying. It broke my heart to know that the night would be our last time together. We would be back home and might not have a chance to meet again. However, I hope that we will meet again.

It was hard but we had to go back so early in the morning. Once again, we were crying at the airport. So many people came to say good bye to us. It was really touching.

Thanks God, we had not encountered any problem when going home. It was safe and fun flight. We had lots to share to our family and friends. Inside my heart, I am more than proud to be Indonesian, a Muslim, and once a part of ISAT U. I was also grateful to SEAMEO for holding this great programme. 😀 This is my Summary and Suggestions for the teaching practice or the programme.




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