Day 20 – The Opening Ceremony of U-Week!


Because we thought that there was no schedule on Monday, we would like to practice our traditional performance for the farewell party. However, at 8.40 a.m. our coordinator texted us to come to the stage for the opening ceremony of 113th ISAT U foundation anniversary. There was a little rain so we felt bad that we could not make it on time. We came to the stage after the opening prayer. We got in the vip seat. We listened to the opening remarks from Dr. John Eric V. Juaneza followed by the Guest Speaker. Then, the deans and student presidents hosted the banners of their colleges/campuses. After that, Dr. Raul as the ISAT U President gave a message and declared the opening of the ceremony.

It was officially open

The next program was a mob dance by selected students of ISAT U. They kept dancing although it was raining. It was really interesting. We enjoyed the opening.

We also saw an exhibition held by the college of education after that opening ceremony. The exhibition was really cool. It tested our courage, mind, physical strength, and others.


After having lunch, we went to watch the academic quiz contest and followed by exploring the art exhibition.

academic quiz contest
Art exhibition by grade 7

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