Day 7 – “Memorable Eid Al-Adha”

IMG20180821064528We’re so happy because it’s our holy day, Eid Al Adha. We went to the Lapaz field to pray at 6 am. We usually do takbiran and cow, goat, buffalo or camel were slaughtered after the prayer. The slaughtering was called animal sacrifice (kurban in Indonesia) Then, the meat was given to the poor.

“We have appointed sacrificial camels among the symbols of (devotion to) Allah; for you therein is good. So make them stand (at the time of sacrifice) and pronounce the name of Allah over them, and when they fall down on their sides (after they are slaughtered), eat and also feed the needy and beggar. Thus have We subjected these animals that you may be grateful.” -Quran (22:36)

I really missed it because I did not find it here, but I was still grateful that at least I had a chance to meet other muslims to pray. It already felt like I met my own family that made me suddenly miss them.

We prayed in the Lapaz Plaza, not the mosque tho

Then, we cooked Tinola. We pretended it to be our own way to make the chicken as a sacrifice. It was chicken with papaya and Moringa leaves (daun kelor in Indonesia). Below is the procedure to make Tinola:

  • First, cut the onions and the chicken.
  • Turn on the stove
  • Then, add the oil there
  • Put the onion, then the chicken and lemongrass
  • Add the Papaya
  • Add a little water
  • Add chilies, chicken broth, stir, add some salt.
  • Lastly, the Moringa leaves. Mix them all and wait for a few minutes
  • Finally, the food was ready.


We ate with buddies too and after that, we suddenly had an idea to exchange traditional clothes with the Thai. They were so cute.

Exchange Traditional Clothes in the dorm XD

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