School: General Information and Academic Administration


School profile

ISAT U Lab School is derived from Iloilo Science and Technology University Laboratory School. It is located in Burgos Street, Iloilo City. It is still a public school but is also under relation with ISAT U (Iloilo Science and Technology University. ISAT U has mission to quality and relevant advanced education, higher technological, professional instruction and training in arts, sciences, education, architecture, engineering, agriculture, foresty and other fields of study, thereby producing locally oriented, globally competitive and eco-friendly human resources. It shall promote research and development programs to advance science and technology and undertake sustainable extension and production activities. Its vision is to become a leading science and technology university in Southeast Asia by 2030. The take line of the university is ISAT U I CARE. ICARE is actually an acronym from Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Responsiveness, and Excellence. ISAT U has 4 external campuses (Maigao, Leon, Barotac Nuevo, and Dumangas Campus). However, this main campus has 4 colleges:

  1. College of Education (COE)
  2. College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA)
  3. College of Industrial and Technology (CIT)
  4. College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

ISAT U Lab School offers level of grade from grade 7 until 10. It has two sections per year level. The names of the sections are based on flowers, birds, and jewelries. Therefore, there are 8 classes with about 50 students in each class. Overall, there are 395 students. The total number of subject teachers is 34.

Academic support system

The school has an electronic counting score. It is called  E-Class Record (Electronic Class Record). It can easily count the score and give a remark to those who have high scores “With Honors”. The school also has a library to support the students’ reading.

Teaching system

The responsibilities of teaching are divided into the laboratory school and the college. The teachers are subject teachers and they may also have to be adviser to some classes. The school gives two hours per week for those teachers to teach values to their own advisory classes.

Materials and other learning sources

The main learning sources are the book from the government. The addition of it can be taken from some reliable sources in the internet. The school also provides blackboard, whiteboard, markers, LCD proyektor, and speaker to support the teaching and learning process.

Measurement and evaluation system

The evaluation in ISAT U Lab School is called grading. Therefore, there are four gradings. Each grading is held for each quarter. The measurement of the grading includes quizes, performance task, and paper tests. The final score will combine all of the gradings. The final examination is only held before graduating from the school. The grading scale is as follows:

Outstanding                               90-100

Very Satisfactory                       85-89

Satisfactory                                 80-84

Fairly Satisfactory                     75-79

Did Not Meet Expectations      Under 79


The school uses K-12 curriculum. Therefore, grade 7 and 8 are taught exploratory TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) and grade 9 and 10 are specialized TLE. The subjects are Communication arts (English and Filipino), Mathematics, Science, Values Education, Drawing, and Computer.

Teaching plan

The English teaching focuses on grammar and literature. Beside that, speaking and writing skills were also encouraged.

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