Day 16 – Buwan Ng Wika Day

That Thursday was a Filipino language day, buwan ng wika. On that day, all grades had to join poetry, band, and dance competition. There was no class, but we stayed in Ma’am Emmie’s advisory class to supervise the practice.

Dance practice in the class

I watched them dance and they were really good at it. They used Filipino song to dance. The choreography were also varied so that it was not boring. The students told us that Ma’am Emmie had helped them to create it. What surprised me was that there were two boys who acted and dressed like girls joined them in dancing. It was done fur fun. They were so creative.

A surprise in the dance performance

Then, at 12 they stopped practicing and went to prepare everything that supported their performance. The contest started at 1 pm. Together, all the students and teachers went to mini theater.

There are three sections of the contest. The order was poetry, band, and dance performance. It’s all in Filipino language.

Poetry Performance
Band Performance

We didn’t understand a thing but there were some students who kindly told us about the song or the content was about.

The dance was lit!

It was a great night. However, we couldn’t watch it until the end because we have to go back to pray and have dinner.

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