Day 4 – Most Expensive Souvenir Ever!

On Saturday, we went to Iloilo river by bus. We watched dragon boat competition. The activity was held once a year. The competition was joined by 3 boats. It was like any other racing competition, the first one who arrived at the finish line was the winner. The difference was the competition used dragon boats with around 10 people on it. They paddled the boat strongly in sync to make the boat go faster.

Three dragons were ready to compete

I also took pictures with my friends around the Iloilo river. It was said that the river is one of the biggest and cleanest rivers in Philippines.

In frame, my roommates (left to right): Umi (Tidar University), Imsa (PGRI Madiun University), Me (Tidar University), Annisa (Makassar State University, Elvin (University of Jember)

After that, we went to Inasal Restaurant with Ma’am Shella and Mr. Charlie. Both of them were so sweet to us and they had fun personalities. They said that they had understood some Indonesian words because they also took care of the last batch. So, we used code-mixing. We ordered Halo-halo and chicken. Halo-halo means mix-mix. So, it was like es campur in Indonesia. It has ice with fruits, syrup, beans, coconut, and other mixes. It tasted sweet and yummy.

Then, we went to SM City Mall. It was like the biggest mall in Iloilo city. We went there by a jeepney. My friends bought shoes, small bag, and brush because they forgot to bring them from home. I also wanted to buy a new phone.


Last Friday night, I was called by my mother through Umi’s phone. She said that it was okay for me to just buy a new phone because phone was really important for documentation. Not only that, she would be easier to contact me if I had a phone. She also had transferred some money to my bank account. I was grateful but also felt that this time I should be more responsible and careful. Finally, I bought Oppo A53 P6990. I tried the camera of the new phone and the result was not disappointing.

Indonesians, Thais, and Filipinos in a frame

Before we went to the next destination, we tried Mango-ong. It was mangoes with shrimp paste. Well, you can imagine the taste! 😀


Plazuela was our next place. It was a little bit raining but it could not stop us to stroll around. The place was like picture spots.


We went back to dorm at night and said a goodbye to our buddies. I also thanked them for accompanying us and then one of them said, “Wow, you know, you’ve got the most expensive souvenir ever from the Philippines!” Well, he referred to my phone.

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