Day 27 – A Bittersweet Moment (Hard to Say Goodbye P.2)

With Umi inside the dorm

Mission accomplished. We were at the end of the programme, the farewell party of College of Education. It also was a SEAMEO SEA Teacher Send-off Session. At 11.30 pm we were already in ISAT U HRT Service Center wearing our traditional attires. What Umi and I wore above was called kebaya, a javanese traditional attire.

IMG20180910113325As usual, we started the praying before going to the main part of the event. Then, it was followed by singing the national anthem of Philippines. However, this time was a bit different. We did not expect that we also had to sing our national anthem. First was the Indonesia National Anthem then followed by Thailand national anthem. There was also a display of our national flag. When I sang Indonesia National Anthem, my heart felt like being squished. It flowed to my eyes that I did not realize my face was wet. I noticed that it was not only me, but my other Indonesian friends did it too unconsciously. Inside our heart, Indonesia was there and we really missed the country. It did not feel like this when we sang it in Indonesia. So, is this what we call nationalism spirit in our heart? We also felt proud wearing the attires and singing our National anthem. In brief, I am proud to be Indonesian!

The Thai girls also felt it too based on the Dean observation. Well, so he included his observation in his opening remarks. He told us how the love of our country was reflected in our eyes when we were singing our national anthem. He also told us to bring memorable experiences and hoped that there was not any negative impression between us, the Christians and Muslims.

For the intermission, we were presented two wonderful singing performances. Then, we proceed to the performances of ours. The Thai girls did it first. They danced Thai’s traditional dance. Next was Indonesia traditional dances followed by a musical poetry “Kebyar-Kebyar” and singing “Indonesia Jaya”. The last one, all sea teachers sang a Filipino song.


After that, we were served a lunch. While we were eating, all of us gave an impression during our stay in ISAT U. I did not expect that the atmosphere became so dark and sad. Some of us, including me had even shed tears. I could not contain my feelings when I was delivering it. All of a sudden, my students came and I was blank. I did not know what to say. The only thing I said was thank you to them and give them some Borobudur key chains. The people there were so precious to me. I felt like I had found a new family and at that time, I had to leave them.

“It is not the parting that is sad, you love them, and that’s why saying good-bye breaks your heart” -Kyoichi Katayama.

But then, I remembered Ma’am Nemz message that we could still contact each other through social media and this parting was actually the beginning of our next cooperation.

The next was the distribution of tokens to the sea teachers. Then, we took pictures with the officials, teacher, and students. It was the end.


At 2 pm, we had to go to Guimbal. We went to our coordinator’s house because she could not come to the send-off session. She owned a cafe and we ate there. We gave present to her and she gave us a hug. Maraming salamat Ma’am Shai!

in front of Ma’am Shailini’s house

Then, our buddy named Cath picked us up to go to her house. It was nearby so we walked there. There was lots of food. However, because we already ate so they told us to take it to the dorm. They were so nice. At night, we went to the dorm and packed our things because we had to go to the airport early in the morning.

Cath’s house

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