Summary and Suggestions

Purposes of practicum

This practicum has purposes that are of course related to the Sea-Teacher program’s goals. Therefore, this practicum is conducted:

  1. To develop teaching skills and pedagogy.
  2. To encourage teaching with using English completely.
  3. To gain a broader regional and world view.
  4. To increase social skills.

Procedures of practicum

First, I observed the teacher and the students. Then, I learned about the topics before the practicum. My practicum consists of warm up, presentation, competition, performance, and closing. After the practicum, I reflected on my teaching and the teacher also gave an advice.

Outcomes of practicum

This practicum has made me create a new way of making lesson plan. I also gained so much confidence in teaching. Not only that, I also learned how to live a life of a teacher. The other important thing was I got to reflect on my teaching according to the evaluation form from my teacher.

The challenges of practicum

The challenge I faced in the practicum was the topics. They were different from what I have learned in Indonesia. Therefore, it was challenging to study the topics related to literature. Another challenge was I did not know how to teach them. It was whether I should teach them in an easy way or advance because I had no idea about their English skill and the topics that they have learned before.

Overall impression

It was a really great experience to practice teaching English in ISAT Lab School. The students understand what I said easily and had good motivation in learning. That encouraged me to do better in teaching them. I also learned so much from the students on how to manage and understand them. I was so happy to teach using English fully without any translation. It improved my fluency in communicating with them.

Suggestions for future improvement

Overall the program has already conducted well, but the organization of the schedule shoud be improved. So, I hope that this program will still be exist in the future with better organization. I also hope that the other south east asia countries will join too.


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