Observation on Teacher

Planning for teaching

  • Planning for the Whole Semester

New semester means a new plan. She listed her topics she would teach for the semester in an order.

Her plan was like what the government has given, that is to focus on grammar and literature. Therefore, she gave the same amount of time to teach both. She also has to make a long consideration of the amount of her all teaching time because she may get busy with the university schedule and expected/unexpected holidays. For grades she taught, she would have some weeks for explanation or theory and the last week for game activities related to the topics that the students have learned. The game was usually in the form of graded quiz so the students will compete to get good grade. Therefore, the students are expected to study before the day of the game began.

  • Lesson Plan

My cooperating teacher may not always use lesson plan, but she always prepares her lesson a few days before teaching. She arranged the lesson she would teach depends on the classroom condition and the university activities or important days. For example, because it was nearly buan ng wika day, the laboratory school was obliged to join the competition of Filipino poetry, band, and dance performance. Therefore, there were times, she modified her lesson plan to that activity by reducing the number of time she taught in one meeting. This was done by her in order to make the students have chance to practice their performance. Her 8 years experience in teaching has made her know how to deal with classes that were busy preparing for competition.

Preparing lessons and materials

  • Preparing lessons

She studied the lessons a few days before teaching. She would only review a bit because she has been teaching for 8 years so it only needs a short time for her to learn. The lessons taught by her usually used video. So, she would prepare the video by downloading videos from YouTube. She liked the explanation from Sr. Ganesh because it is clear and easy to be understood by her students. She frequently used his video that her students are already familiar with Sr. Ganesh.

  • Preparing materials

Before going to the class, she would prepare some materials needed for her lesson that day. She brought LCD to display the video and a speaker to maximize the volume. In the class, she would need markers and the actual examples for her lesson, such as chairs, books, and even her own students. She also prepares an exercise paper for her post activity. Therefore, before the lesson started, she would copy the paper according to the number of the students in the classroom.

Teaching in class

Ma’am Emmie was teaching adjectives
  • Steps

I observed her on the week she had to give explanation, so mostly it was a teacher-centred learning. In brief, she implemented the three activities in class. They were the pre-activity, while-activity, and post-activity. First, she greeted the students and then prayed together. After that, she asked the students to review a bit of the previous topics or some ideas that would linked them to the next topic. For while-activity, she used the video and then explained the points they should pay attention to. Students listened, took some notes, and did exercise. In the post-activity, she would give papers to the students and gave time for them to answer the questions. It was done in order to check their understanding. She closed her class with new assignment related to what she would do in the next meeting.

  • Classroom Management

For her, teacher should be like an actor or actress. He or she should have the ability to position herself according to the class condition. She can be a strict or friendly teacher depends on the situation. For example, if the student does a mistake, she will correct it directly so that the student knows it and can be memorable to them not to make the same mistake. Another time, she also likes to throw jokes on the students and always knows how to handle a class.

  • Focuses

She has a very good English speaking ability. She emphasizes more on the pronunciation of the word. Not only that, she also likes to use listen and repeat activity so that the students are able to pronounce the words correctly and with appropriate intonation. Discipline is also her focus in her classroom. Therefore, the classes which she teaches are always conducive and obedient.

Measurement and Evaluation

She grades the students’ score in several ways. The first one is the quiz. Then, she also does chapter by chapter evaluation. Her grading also includes paper test and oral recitation.


She does not force the students to buy the English book from the government. She only wants them to take notes from what she has explained because in the end of the semester, their notes and assignments will be collected in a map individually.

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