Teaching Plan


The English curriculum focuses on grammar and literature. For grade 7, it was Filipino literature and for grade 9, it was Anglo American literature.

Teaching plan

I taught English to all 7 and 9 graders. This was the schedule of my teaching:


Belows were the topics assigned to me:

Grade 7: Adjectives ( Definition, Degrees of Comparison, and Royal Order), Irony, Paradox, Poetry, Epic Poetry, and Balad Poetry.

Grade 9: Onomatopeia, Anaphora, Epiphora, and Context Clues.

From the topics, I knew that the focus of the teaching should be on grammar and literature. Beside that, speaking and writing skills were also encouraged. I was also asigned to teach values to the grade 7. It was like a sharing cultural activity too.

For the lesson plan, there are five points to be included. They are objectives, subject matter (including topics and time allocation), procedures of teaching, evaluation, and follow up. The following pictures are the examples of my lesson plan.

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