Introduction and Observation Days

Wilai and I

On Wednesday, Wilai and I had an appointment with Ma’am Emmie at 9 in the morning. She handled 2 grades (grade 7 and 9). She gave us the topics and the schedules. She also wanted us to experience all of her classes so we would teach all grade 7 and 9.

Working together with Wilai and supervised by Ma’am Emmie

For the first class, they’re too sweet. Majority of them is k-pop fan. They’re asking lot of questions. One of them also welcomed us by performing a beat box for us. That was really cool!

Second class is mam’s advisory class. She taught us to be strict for their mistakes because 7th grade is still fresh.  They asked lot of questions too.

On Thursday, we were also introduced to the grade 9. They were really talented and lovable. We also observed the way Ma’am Emmie taught the students. This was what I got after doing Observation on Teacher

At night, we were invited to the Dean’s dinner to celebrate his birthday party. We went to his house with Ma’am Shella, Mr. Charlie, Mr. Leander, and Nino (our buddy). We were told that in Philippines, birthday party depends on the social status of the person. The higher the status, the bigger the party.  We really enjoyed the food and had a lot of fun chatting with the people there.

Overall, I got some information about the school after observation as follows:

Teaching Plan

Pedagogical Contents

School: General Information and Academic Administration

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