Day 25 – Swimming in The Sea ?!?!

The real ‘sea’ teachers

Yeayyyyyy we are going to the beach soon! That was what I thought the whole night before going to Guimaras Island. The previous day we had bought so many snacks because we knew that it would be a looooong journey.

Buying snack with eX (our buddy)


We woke up and took a bath early in the morning. We all were so excited that we did not realize that the bus had already arrived. Then, we were divided into groups to take a boat. Then we crossed the sea and met our tour guide, Aster. We went to our destination by jeepney. It was faster than the one in the city because there was no traffic.

on the boat
Our tour guide was in the center

Guimaras is famous for its mango. The mango is so sweet but sadly, there was nothing there when we went there.


We went to explore all beaches. We took pictures and continued the journey by the boat. The sky and the water were so clear.


Suddenly, we stopped at the center and was told to swim! I was really shocked because I did not even think to swim although I brought spare clothes. One by one, my friends were down in the sea. I was still thinking, and thinking, and thinking until I was told, “You know, it is once in your lifetime here. So, go on!” Yeah I was kind of scared. What if I drowned? What if there is shark? But I decided to go because it looked fun and well, the saying might be true.

We really swam in the sea!

It truly was fun! I did not even notice that the time was over so we went directly to change. Then, we continued to go to a gift shop to buy souvenirs. We also took photo with Guimaras letters.


Then we went to wind turbin. It produces electricity. The wind was so wild there! but we really got nice pictures.


At night, we went directly to sleep because we were so tired. However, we really enjoyed the trip and it’s worth it!

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