Day 24 – ISAT U Pageant Show


On Friday at 5 pm, we went to watch Mr. and Miss ISAT U. It was the highlight of the university week. The event was extravagantly held in the university gymnastic. We sat on the vip seats.  The contestant were all good looking. They had been selected for each colleges. There were four selections in this event to become Mr. and Miss ISAT U if I was not mistaken.

First, we were shown their talent. Next, it was the swimsuit section XD. Third, the section of formal outfit. And you know, the outfits were all designed by the ISAT U student! After that, each contestant should answer a question in English. Then, the top three contestants were announced. They also had to answer question, but this time the question was same. Before the announcement of the winners, the previous winners (2017) were present to give short speech. Finally, the winners are announced and the supporter were cheering loudly. Miss ISAT U was from COE! and Mr. ISAT U was from CAS. Congratulation to both of them.

The winners with previous winners, president, and the dean

I was not really surprised because they caught my attention too during the event. They had the beauty, talent, and brain. Fantastic! We really enjoyed the event. Fortunately, we could take a photo with Miss ISAT U 2018 easily.

With Miss ISAT U 2018


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