Day 19 – ISAT U Project Runway 2018

On Sunday at 1 p.m we were invited to a runway project in SM City Mall.  We rode the ISAT bus to go there and it was a motorcade, so there were many vehicles that joined. Some buses are decorated beautifully showing the ISAT logo. They did it to celebrate the 113th anniversary of ISAT U. Therefore, next week would be University Week (U-Week).

When we arrived, we immediately ate lunch first. Then, we watched “ISAT U Project Runway 2018” at 3 pm . The event includes:

  • ISAT U Chorale Performances
  • Message from ISAT U President
  • Message from Representative, Lone District of Iloilo City (Congressman)
  • Presentation of 2017 Winner
The winner of 2017 ISAT U Project Runway
  • Introducing the Judges
  • Reading contest mechanism and criteria
  • ISAT U Project Runway Contest 2018

What I was really amazed was the judges who are also designers were all  ISAT U alumni. Thecandidates of Mr and Miss ISAT U were also there to watch. First, we were shown the winner of last year design. This event was a final event for showcasing the clothing design. The clothes were designed all by ISAT U students from the Fashion course. They were all so magnificent that it did not look like it was created by students. Not only the models who could go on stage but also the designers. Every creation were designed by more than one designers. Below was one of the videos that showed little glimpse on how the boy models were on the stage:

After the contest ended, all models stayed on the stage while the Emcee was announcing the winners. Congratulation to the winners! The event ended at 5 pm.


After that, we strolled the mall. That time was a perfect time to buy some souvenirs to be brought home. Then, we went home by riding a jeepney and tricycle.


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