Day 6 – Iloilo City Touring

We are watching you!

The next day was Monday and we had to come to the flag ceremony at 7 am at the school gymnastic. The students had already lined up with their school uniform. After singing Philippines’ National Anthem and ISAT U Hymn, we introduced ourselves on the stage one by one. I noticed that the students there were so enthusiastic and we were happy to know that.

After picture of the introduction, with Dr. Raul F. Muyong as the centre

Then, we directly went to the bus and started the city tour. There was also the tourist guide that would guide us throughout this city tour.

Inside the ISAT U bus

First, we went to Casa Mariquit. It’s like an old haunted house. There were some parts of the house we visited: living room, kitchen, dining room, prayer room, bedroom. The building was built many years ago during the colonization. The aura of the house would give you goosebumps! It was also functioned as a museum as we could see some of the colonization heritages there. Historians said that its age was over 200 years old which meant that it was built before 1810. The original owner of the house was Don Fernando E. Lopez. He used to be the vice president of the Philippines. We listened to the guide’s explanation and lastly, took pictures.

This was us in the living room of Casa Mariquit

Then, we went to the making of barquillos, Deocampo. Barquillos is like an egg roll and in Indonesia we called it semprong. But still, there was differences, like barquillos is smoother in texture and crispier. We tried it with an ice cream. It was so tasty and sweet. I also bought polvoron and pastilas. They were all sweet foods made from milk.

During The Making of Barquillos

Thirdly, we went to Jaro Cathedral. It was locked because it was not the time for praying, so we just took pictures there. The architecture was really breathtaking. We also went upstairs where the prayer was held. We saw a statue, flower, and candle. It was believed that the candle blow the prayer to God.

Outside Jaro Cathedral

Next, we went to Agelicum Mansion. We entered the Einos gallery where the artist showed their work.  That day was actually the exhibition of one of the artists. She was Aubrey Beatrice Carnaje. She is a Filipino young artist who has many national and even international awards. Her concept of painting is always related with science. All of her paintings has its own philosophy. What I liked the most was the starry night painting. I always likes Van Gogh’s starry night and when I saw it in the exhibit, I liked it immediately.

Me with Starry Night

Then, we went to take pictures only in front of the mansion. We couldn’t enter it because the priest attended a meeting. We went toward the backside of the mansion and we found an unused pool.

Front view
Left-side view

We also went to business park to take picture with the hero. It was said that the place was Iloilo’s government pride.

Future Heroes 😀


It’s lunch time and we went to Viatnemese restaurant nearby. The reason was because we all wanted to try new foods other than Indonesian, Thai, and Filipino ones. We had a great time eating there. The decoration of the restaurant was so unique.


Although we were sleepy because we were full, we still continued the journey to City Hall. We went to the museum first. We tried traditional clothes and looked around the things inside the museum.


After that, we met the city councilor and the mayor. They warmly welcomed us. They advised us many things. “Dream. Strieve. Succed.” is the councilor’s motto and he motivated us with that. We also learned that Iloilo city was free from smokers because of the strict rule from the government. I really appreciated his hard work.

Councilor Banner
with the mayor

Lastly, we went to the rooftop to see the all of the parts in Iloilo’s city. It was really beautiful. The combination of the river, houses, plants, church, and the bright sky made me thank God for this awesome view.


It was prayer time for us so we went to pray at Ternate mansion. I thought it was related to Ternate region in Indonesia but they did not know for sure. We also tried an ice cream there. The taste was like es thung-thung in Indonesia.

For dinner, we had it in SM City Mall at Cabalen. It was all you can eat. The long journey that day ended with heart full of enjoyment and stomach full of delicious food. 😀


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