Day 21 – It’s Hard to Say Goodbye…

IMG20180904124615Time flies so fast. We already came into the farewell party at 11.30 am. It was the event of Sea-Teacher and Sea-Tvet. As always, the event was started by praying first then followed by singing national anthem and ISAT U Hymn. Then, Dr. Muyong gave us message and advice.

While we were having lunch, we were asked to share experiences. I was surprised that 2 exchange students from us sang Filipino songs. They said that they liked the song. It was so entertaining. Beside that, there were also one more surprise. Some of us sang an English song (acoustic).

After that, it was time for giving certificate of completion and picture taking. We were also given token from university to the president.


Sea-Teacher batch 6 participants

I really thanked ISAT U for giving me such a nice treatment and giving me so many memorable experiences. I learned a lot there. Umi and I as the representatives of Tidar University gave token for the President of ISAT U as our gratitude.


With our coordinator, Ms. Shailini (center)

At 5 pm we had dinner at Tatoys. It was Mr. Muyong’s treat. Seafood, beef, and chicken were served for us. The taste was all sour but it did not matter at all. I still enjoyed the food.


At 7 pm we went back home. Then, we were brought t-shirt of college of education. The color was yellow.

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