Day 5 – Cooking and Tasting Filipino’s Food!

It was Sunday morning. The two Thai girls went to church. Meanwhile, we went to a wet market at 11 a.m. by riding a jeepney.


They called it wet market because it was really wet. The name of the market was La Paz Public Market.

Wet Market
Look, there was so much water that made the market’s way became so wet

We would like to cook chicken adobo. It meant that we would cook chicken with vinegar and soy sauce. Not only chicken that can be cooked with the recipe of adobo, but also swine, beef, and fish. Well, I noticed that the people in the city liked sour and sweet food with soda as the drink.

We bought three kilos of rice. We also needed oil, magic sarap, and then we cooked in the kitchen together. This is the procedure to cook chicken adobo:

  1. Boil the chicken.
  2. Cut the onions.
  3. Turn on the stove and pour the oil
  4. Put the onions first
  5. Then, put the boiled chicken and mix it with soy sauce, magic sarap, and vinegar.
  6. It’s ready to serve.


We, Indonesians really like spicy food so we added chili flakes that we got from our hometown and also abon. So that day we ate Philippine’s and Indonesian’s food. Then, the Thai girls came and we enjoyed the food together. We were also bought Brazo de Mercedes. It’s a cake with custard filling and felt like jelly. It tasted so yummy and its texture was really soft.

Brazo de Mercedes

At night, we also bought balut, but only Umi and Imsa ate it. Balut is a chicken or duck egg that is steamed but the difference is the baby chicken or duck is still an embryo.


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