Day 22 – “Competition Makes A Better YOU”


At 7.30 am we went to opening of pahampang 2018. Pahampang was like a sport competition among the colleges. The athletes were the ones who could enter the field. They wore their own colored t-shirts. For COE, it was yellow like the one we bought the previous day.

With buddies who were also athletes

The guest speaker in this event was a famous chef in the Philippines. However, he was the type that could balance sport and work. For him, sport was important because “we could learn about life that we could not learn in school. Win or lose, we always learn in sport. It teaches us to manage our behavior when winning or losing something.”



After the opening, we watched volleyball with our buddies. Of course, I supported COE with all my heart but sadly, COE lost to CAS.

At 11 am we went to have lunch. Then, we went to central market to buy key chains and traditional food.

we bought pastilas and piaya


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