Day 3 – “New Beginnings through Indonesia Independence Day”


This 17th day of August, we once again sat in front of many people. It was a signing event for company cooperation (MoA). Again, we were welcomed nicely by all the important people there.



After the MoA, we remembered that day was also Indonesia’s Independence day. We brought our flag and wore our national clothes, batik. The only thing we did was to congratulate our country for its 73rd anniversary. It was a bit sad to be far from the country, but Indonesia was still and is always in our heart.



Then, we had lunch and we proceed to the next schedule. We (Sea-Teachers) were guided by our lovely coordinator, Ms Shailini. We explored the college of education, including the ISAT Lab School.


The banner in front of the college

We went to the dean’s office first. We met Sr. John Eric there. He was so friendly to us and told us that it was okay to go to the office every time we wanted because we were already parts of the College of Education.

With the Dean of COE, Sr. John Eric

I also met my mentors and cooperating teacher. They welcomed me to just share if there were problems. Suddenly, Ma’am Emmie asked my phone number and I just froze. I stared on her phone and thought, What should I type? What should I say? and finally, I told her that I did not have a phone. It was nice that she did not ask any further and she just told me that she would contact me through Wilai. Wilai is my Thai’s friend and both of us are under her care. I was so grateful for that. Wilai’s room was exactly in front of my room so it would be easy for me to have a discussion with her. It was a short meeting, but a new beginning for us to explore more about everything there.

We thought that we would go to the dorm directly, but our buddies lead us to go to a room to celebrate Ma’am Luz diamond year. I could not believe that she was 60 years old. Sadly, I did not take any picture but I asked a buddy where to buy a phone there. Hehe I hope that in my next posts, I will use my own pictures.

We were back to dorm and then, we fulfilled our wish the previous day to order Mc. Donald. We waited for about 30 minutes and we were so happy eating.

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